A mysore style class is the traditional way to learn Ashtanga. The student works at their own pace with a teacher. This is ideal for everyone from brand new beginners to dedicated students. At first the student's practice will be shorter as they are taught the poses one-to-one by the teacher. As students gradually learn more poses, their practice takes longer. Students can arrive at any time during the session, as long as they allow enough time to finish their practice and take rest. 

Mysore style classes are named after the city of Mysore in India. This is where Shri K. Pattabhi Jois lived and taught until 2009. Today his grandson (R. Sharath Jois) and daughter (Saraswathi Jois) continue to teach at the KPJAYI.

A Full Primary led class is appropriate for students who have a regular pracitice of at least the first half of primary series. The intent of a led class is to learn the proper vinyasa count for each posture, not to learn new postures.  We have one Full Primary led class each week for current AYF students. Out of town students, please contact Faiza prior to dropping in on Fridays.

The Half Primary led class is designed to be approachable to students of all levels. Whether you have no yoga experience or no ashtanga experience, this class is suitable for you.